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Fujitsu uses gamification to ingrain behavioural change and improve employee health

IT services firm Fujitsu runs an annual step challenge, during which employees compete in teams of up to seven, with the ultimate aim of helping staff become more active, as well as improving engagement. The challenge itself is hosted by Virgin Pulse. Individuals and teams compete over a 100-day period during the summer months, using […]

Healthy competition: Is gamification the key to boosting employee health and wellbeing?

Need to know: The use of gamification is growing across many elements of the employee experience, and can be used to engage employees in wellbeing initiatives, from step challenges to nutritional habits. It is important to ensure that gamified systems are inclusive and engaging, and that the competitive element does not put off less willing […]

The junction of gamification and employee wellbeing

In the age of apps and livestreaming, gamification has never been bigger. We’re now starting to see providers making huge strides in the gamification of wellbeing – but considering a vast majority of wellbeing programmes still fail, how much difference can gamification make? Wearables in the workplace One of the most common ways people use […]

How to motivate employees with effective gamification strategies

Need to know: Gamification is more than just badges and leaderboards; it in fact helps to systematise, unify and measure long-standing motivation techniques. Effective gamification involves in-depth strategy, careful testing, and judicious application. To truly make the most of a codified system of goals and achievements, employers should embrace the advantages technology can provide. Although many […]

Bournemouth University uses gamification to encourage healthy behavioural change

To improve its sustainability, employee wellbeing and social and environmental impact, Bournemouth University has rolled out a fully integrated programme that uses gamification to encourage behavioural change among its 1,800 members of staff. The 12-month initiative, provided by sustainable reward programme supplier Green Rewards, was fully implemented in January 2018, following 30% take-up of a […]

Gamification in HR

By Sophie Gane Gamification – /ˌɡeɪmɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ – may be a term you’ve heard banded about in recent years. No, it’s not a made-up word like “normalise” or “on fleek”, it’s a real thing. Gamification means taking typical elements of game-playing (e.g. point scoring, competition, rules of play etc.) and applying them to the real world. […]

How can gamification be utilised in a benefits communication strategy?

Need to know Gamification is not necessarily just about playing games; it is all about using game principles, such as competition, to engage with employees. It can be used as a tool to educate a workforce about pensions, health and wealth. Gamification also includes wearable technology. Employers can use gaming to communicate with their employees, […]

Learn how to use gamification to engage generation Z at Employee Benefits Connect

Delegates attending Employee Benefits Connect 2016 can learn about utilising gamification techniques to engage generation Z during an interactive roundtable session led by Jon Bryant, director, online and communications at Aon Employee Benefits. The session, ‘How important will gamification be in fully engaging generation Z?’, will examine how gamification is currently being used within the context […]

Dr Penny Simpson: Consider key elements for effective gamification design

Gamification is ‘the use of game design elements in non-game contexts’ (From game design elements to gamefulness: defining gamification, Deterding et al., 2011). By drawing upon game design elements, mechanics and techniques, organisations hope to engender, in work, the type of experience that we find motivating, engaging and fun when we play games. So, ultimately, […]

How could gamification be used to support a financial education strategy?

Need to know: Gamification provides an additional channel through which staff can learn about financial matters. Introducing gamification into a financial education programme could help to increase employee engagement with financial wellness, particularly among younger staff. Embracing digital game elements that can be accessed on a number of devices can tap into the ways in […]

How can workplace recognition impact employee mental health and wellbeing?

Need to know: In addition to boosting productivity and engagement, reward and recognition can be a key element of supporting mental wellbeing, making employees feel valued and supported, and reducing stress. Top-down and face-to-face recognition has added weight and authority, but peer-to-peer thanks can develop social cohesion, while digital platforms can ensure remote staff feel […]