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Ian McKenna: Gamified apps help employees engage with benefits

Smartphones are embedded in the vast majority of consumers’ lives. This should make providing access to employee benefits and health interventions via an app a hygiene factor for any organisation, but is simply enabling an app enough to drive engagement? Phones are littered with applications that have been downloaded with enthusiasm but only used once […]

Five self-improvement apps to kickstart a productive day

By Megan Gough, Head of Client Communications at Reward Gateway Your yearly resolutions may included a nod towards improving your physical fitness routine. But whether or not you’re making good on that promise (we won’t judge either way!) we have a couple other ways to improve wellbeing that looks beyond your gym or fitness goals to […]

Five self-improvement apps for a productive day

by Megan Gough, Head of Client Communications Your resolution for 2017 may have included a nod toward improving your physical fitness routine. But whether or not you’re making good on that promise we have a couple other ways to improve wellbeing that looks beyond your gym or fitness goals. Let us help a little with that. Here […]

Are apps increasing the take-up of voluntary benefits?

Need to know: The convenience and functionalities apps bring provide an opportunity to boost employee engagement with voluntary benefits. Good user experience and compelling content can ensure repeated use of an app. For maximum effect, mobile offerings should be strategically integrated into employers’ benefit programmes. In 2015, smartphones surpassed laptops as the most popular way of accessing the internet, according […]

Cambridge Judge Business School brings apps to staff

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS), at the University of Cambridge, is providing its 250-strong workforce with access to Rize, a mental wellbeing app for IOS and Android devices. The mobile app aims to enhance mental wellbeing and lower levels of stress and anxiety, by guiding users through bite-size, interactive tutorials and exercises built on therapeutic concepts. It […]

Hitachi launches fleet apps

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions has launched a mobile phone application (app) to help manage end-of-life damage and reduce costs for company cars. The application, which works with BlackBerry, Android and iPhone devices, features an end-of-life contract damage manager. An employee using the system will be prompted six weeks before they are due to return their […]

CloudApps launches sustainability app

CloudApps has launched a sustainability application to encourage employers and their staff to set corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets in the workplace. The app can be used to create workplace challenges, leader boards, points and rewards, as well as social media elements that allow employees to collaborate and achieve personal targets. The app is based […]

Video: Innovation generation: priorities for EMEA

Watch Thomsons Online Benefits’ video for how EMEA organisations are adopting new technology to attract and retain talent and enhance the employee experience. In the video, you’ll discover that 62% of organisations have an integrated ecosystem in place, allowing them to implement technology and apps more quickly. As a result, 87% of early adopters are […]

Confessions of a benefits manager: Candid considers discount platforms

One of the consulting firms we work with, Hugely Expensive Consulting, has come out with a new platform for non-cash benefits, such as discounts and vouchers. Meanwhile the Higher Beings, our executive team, have also demanded that we review the executive perks that we offer. That makes another unexpected project on my desk. Uff. I […]