The most important appointment of my day

By Jonathan Burg, Group SVP of Marketing

I have three main goals in life, in this order:

  1. Be the best father I can be.
  2. Be a great husband.
  3. Inspire world-class marketing with my team (and for my company)

These worlds collide every day.

Earlier in the week, I was giving a presentation to some of our new starters, and I talked to them about Reward Gateway’s mission, and how important it was for purpose, mission and values alignment to keep us rowing in the same direction. The reason I spoke so passionately about it, is because it’s the same mindset that has helped me keep personal momentum against my life goals being a new father with a global leadership role.

By taking the time to figure out what my highest level goal, or mission is, and how the other goals in my life support it, decisions about where I need to be, and when, have become slightly easier to make and explain to all the people that I support.

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