Pension changes: a year older, a year wiser?

Jonathan Watts-Lay, director, Wealth at Work, recently took part in a film interview with Employee Benefits to talk about the pension changes now it’s one year on.

Freedom and choice in pensions was the most seismic change to our pension landscape for a generation and created a set of challenges and choices for those with defined contribution (DC) schemes. But how much has actually changed one year on? Have employers adapted to the changes and what are they doing to support their employees? This session highlights the challenges many employees still face and how these may be overcome including the ‘3 step approach’ to pension flexibility.

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Some of the interesting topics discussed were:

  • How much has changed a year on from the April 2015 pension reforms?
  • Have employers adapted to the changes?
  • What are the key things that employees need to know?
  • What do employers need to do to prepare employees for retirement?

Click here to watch the video.