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Open Book by New Leaf Health is a new approach to online training, giving you access to live mental health and wellbeing webinars hosted by experienced professionals.

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About Us

The need for accessible mental health and general wellbeing support has become more and more prevalent in recent years. At New Leaf Health, we firmly believe that human connection is the key to providing meaningful mental health and wellbeing training – real insights from real people.

This notion lead us to develop Open Book, which gives you access to live, instructor-led courses to train in different areas of mental health and wellbeing, helping to support yourself, your colleagues, and your workplace as a whole.

Whether you’re a self-funded individual looking to improve your workplace skills, or an organisation looking to provide support to your employees, our approach is highly-skilled and incredibly effective.

Managing Mental Health

The Open Book Managing Mental Health Course is designed to give managers, supervisors and team leaders the knowledge and tools to successfully lead a mentally healthy team. Through a mix of knowledge and practical skills, you will learn to support your direct reports with their mental wellbeing, which will ultimately help to foster a happier, more productive working environment.

Talk – Mental Health

Stigma and a lack of awareness play a huge part in mental health’s role in society today. We all understand that mental health is real and affects those around us, but we may not truly understand what someone is going through. This course gives you a deeper understanding of mental health and helps to break down the barriers that may be present in the workplace.

Learn – Stress & Resilience

This course will help you to understand what stress is, how it affects us all, and the health risks of short- and long-term stress. The course will also help you to identify your personal triggers, and how you can learn to cope with them in healthy ways, reducing your overall stress.

Listen – Mental Health Support

This course will help you to develop a network of people who you can rely on (and who can rely on you) when it comes to supporting one another with mental health in general. You’ll learn key skills like non-judgemental listening and what to do in a crisis.

The Wellbeing Course

The Wellbeing Course is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your wellbeing through times of change and uncertainty. This course is designed to assist you on your wellbeing journey. This enjoyable, interactive session gives you the opportunity to reflect on your physical, social and mental health and make any necessary changes to enhance your wellbeing.

Introduction to Mindfulness

In this time of uncertainty and fear, how to deal with the changes that are happening to our everyday lives is vitally important to our mental wellbeing. Mindfulness allows us to do just that.

These mindfulness sessions are specifically tailored to provide you with mindfulness techniques that will help you to deal with anxiety, worry and any overwhelming emotions, whilst also helping to reduce feelings of isolation.

Mental Health First Aid – Two Day Training Course

MHFA England is the national licensed organisation for MHFA training in England. This course, delivered by fully qualified instructors, qualifies attendees as Mental Health First Aiders, according to the MHFA England model.

MHFA Aware Training

MHFA England is the national licensed organisation for MHFA training in England. This course, delivered by fully qualified instructors, certifies attendees as Mental Health Aware, according to the MHFA England model.

MHFA Refresher Course

Much like physical first aid, MHFA England recommends that your MHFA qualification is updated every three years, to ensure that your skills are sharp and that you are up to date on the latest laws, guidance, and recommendations.

This course acts as a ‘top-up’ for those who have completed the Adult MHFA Two Day, One Day or Armed Forces MHFA Two Day courses.


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