Making your at-retirement strategy work: tips for employers

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Listen again to the recent Workplace, Savings and Benefits webinar we recently supported, which looked at how employers can make their at-retirement strategy work.

Pension freedoms were announced in April 2014 and implemented in April 2015. Within three months of implementation, more than £2.5 billion of payments had been made to pension customers, either as cash lump sums or draw down payments – and the number of people using these flexibilities has increased substantially since then. Yet, the freedoms have given pension scheme members a huge amount of choice about what they can do with their pension.

Simon Thorpe, Head of Johnson Fleming Future Life Planning helps WSB to look at how employers can make their at-retirement strategy work in a post-pension freedom world. In particular, the webinar reviews:

  • The pros and cons of income drawdown – and whether employers should actively offer such an option as part of their scheme
  • To what extent do employees need more help to understand their options at retirement?
  • Should good employers be doing more to help staff?
  • The need for ongoing communication with employees into retirement
  • The changing role of annuities
  • How can scheme members mix and match retirement products?
  • How can employers stop people sleepwalking into at-retirement decisions?

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