Alcoa reduces stress with Global Corporate Challenge

Alcoa has been named the World’s Most Active Organisation for the second consecutive year after 22,000 employees participated in the Global Corporate Challenge.


Teams of seven employees from the aluminium manufacturer crossed the globe 417 times in 100 days as part of a virtual challenge to promote good health, friendly competition and better performance in the workplace.

The initiative also helped to lower stress levels in the organisation, with 59% of participating employees reporting that the Global Corporate Challenge had decreased their levels of stress either at work or at home.

A further 85% said the initiative has had a positive impact on their relationship with exercise and 69% said they had improved their energy levels. 

Kevin McKnight, vice president of environment, health and safety at Alcoa, said: ”“Wellness is an integral part of our values and the Global Corporate Challenge proved to be an excellent initiative to help employees achieve demonstrable improvements to their health, which ultimately makes them more productive and engaged.” 

GCC participants could track their group and individual progress during the event using mobile apps, as well as see their competitors’ progress.

Participants could also join a community hub to interact with other contributors, as well as claim rewards based on their accomplishments. 

When Alcoa first joined the programme three years ago, it had just launched its own internal initiative promoting more exercise, better nutrition, decreased tobacco consumption and improved employee wellbeing

“Alcoa joined the Global Corporate Challenge to give our employees an opportunity to increase their level of physical activity and to improve their health,” said McKnight.