Hallmark Cards incentivises healthy behaviours


Hallmark Cards has seen a number of improvements in workforce health over the past three years, since embarking on its programme to engage and educate employees to achieve healthier outcomes.

The organisation introduced a financial incentive plan for employee wellbeing in 2011, using its business-to-business subsidiary Hallmark Business Connections, which runs employee recognition programmes.

Since introducing financial incentives, the US card manufacturer has seen improvements in engagement and participation in its wellness programme. In 2013, 83% of employees participated in the financial incentive programme.

Through the programme, employees can be rewarded with up to $300 (approximately £175) for participating in health and wellbeing initatives. Up to $200 can be earned by taking part in preventive activities such as biometric and blood tests, physician checkups, health assessments, and educational activities such as attending lunch and learns and completing workshops on its online portal. 

Employees can earn a further $100 by attaining or making significant progress toward two healthy outcomes: body mass index (BMI) of less than 25 and blood pressure which is lower than 120/80. 

Sally Luck, HR director, corporate services and wellness at Hallmark Cards, says: “All our healthcare is done through an online portal where [staff] can complete health assessments. We have moved over the years from just boosting engagement to seeing employees really take full account of their healthcare.”

The use of incentives has also helped the organisation lower the rising cost of company-provided healthcare.

Luck adds: “We had a few good years where healthcare costs were mitigated because of this. Employees are healthier as a result but it does take a while for them to see the benefits.

“I think now our employees see that Hallmark is about employee wellbeing, that we care about them and that we want them to be healthy. I think incentivising employees has helped in that sense.”