Strange requests for Best Western staff

Something for the weekend…

Employees can be asked to undertake different tasks throughout their working day, perhaps even outside their normal duties, but it is unlikely to involve tracking down a friendly ferret.

However, if you are working at a Best Western hotel, it may not be the strangest request you receive.

The hotel chain has carried out research into room service requests and compiled the top ten most unusual requests from guests.

Animals are one area where guests seem to need help, with one hotel guest asking for ferrerts to take with them to a small animal show, with another asking for a place at the Christmas party for their pet hamster.

Another guest asked for a hotel worker to come to their room to brush their hair, while another asked an employee to carry out a sea salt scrub to remove their fake tan disaster.

These tasks may seem strange, but most are actually possible to deliver. However, one hotel guest asked for an act that would need a miracle to perform: A sea view, which does not seem to be a particular unusual request, until you consider the hotel was in Birmingham.