KFC prepares for pensions auto-enrolment

EXCLUSIVE: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), part of Yum! Brands, will create an online learning module for staff to provide information about the impending auto-enrolment legislation.

The module is the first step in a full review of the restaurant chain’s group personal pension (GPP) plan, auto-enrolment technology and communications strategy.

The module will include tutorials for KFC’s 10,000 employees, which will provide an opportunity to measure its pension scheme take-up.

Craig Truter, total reward manager at KFC, said: “Pensions and benefits can be confusing and are often not fully understood, and we feel the need to explain and engage our people effectively.”

The review, which is being conducted with Lorica Employee Benefits in advance of KFC’s auto-enrolment staging date of April 2013, will tie into the full benefits provision.

“Working with Lorica, we also saw the opportunity to create a stronger benefits programme, so we can communicate the entire reward proposition to employees and not just have a conversation about pensions,” added Truter.

 “By doing it this way, employees will be able to understand their total reward and benefits better. It means when we talk about auto-enrolment and reward, we can do it in a more engaging manner.”

Truter will be speaking about total reward on 25 September at Employee Benefits Live.