JD Wetherspoon launches employee discounts scheme

JD Wetherspoon has launched an employee discounts scheme for its 26,000 employees.

The scheme, which is provided by Asperity Employee Benefit and provides access to online and in-store shopping discounts at more than 2000 retailers, was taken up by 7,000 employees in the first two weeks after its launch at the beginning of August.

In order to overcome the challenge of engaging employees, 90% of whom do not use the internet at work, the pub chain put information about the scheme in employees’ payslips and publicised it in its weekly staff newsletter.

Pub management staff were informed about the benefit, which was also discussed in head office meetings and promoted on the intranet. Teaser communications, which included a competition to win an iPad, were also sent out a month prior to the launch.

Julie George, senior personnel manager at JD Wetherspoon, said the firm’s reward website My JDW, which can be accessed by employees both in and outside of work, was also key to the scheme’s success.

She added: “Every employee has access to this site. They can log on and find out all sorts of information about their own pay, benefits and training, and other things going on in the organisation.

“We have been putting regular messages on there telling them what is coming soon.”

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