London average salary £10,000 higher than UK average

The average advertised London salary is now more than £10,000 higher than the rest of the UK, according to job search engine

The online firm found that average advertised salary for jobs in London has now hit £41,500, compared to £31,128 for the rest of the country.

Its findings are based on an analysis of more than 600,000 job adverts posted between March and August 2008, including 294,426 London vacancies.

Dave Martin, managing director of, said: “Advertised salaries are rising faster in London than in the rest of the UK and the gap is getting bigger. This is a trend that is likely to continue throughout the next 12 months.

“We are also seeing advertised salaries continue to rise overall, putting added pressure on inflation. There’s a chance this could add to the UK’s economic woes in the next 12 months.”

He added: “In the current economic climate, we are seeing that salaries are increasing and at the same time the number of benefits are increasing and [the two together are] acting as a package to attract top talent.”

Outside of the capital, East Anglia has the highest advertised salary average at £34,487 based on 48,624 jobs and the North West has the lowest at £29,676 average for 66,824 positions.