Talarius launches staff recognition portal

Talarius has introduced an employee recognition portal to encourage employee suggestions and reward staff for sharing ideas.


The Adult Gaming Centers operator, which owns brands Quicksilver (pictured) and Silvers and Winners, has launched the portal to demonstrate to its 1,000 employees that they could make a genuine difference to the organisation by voicing their ideas.

The senior leadership team also wanted staff to see their ideas come to life and to know that their suggestions could have a positive impact on the business.

The portal, Call the Slots, which is provided by P&MM Employee Benefits, allows employees to input their suggestions against Talarius’ core organisational values.

The site uses ’Las Vegas’-style colours and imagery, combined with elements of gamification, to link to the brand and boost staff engagement.

Ideas are evaluated on a monthly basis and staff are rewarded with points that can be redeemed against a selection of merchandise or vouchers. Employees are also encouraged to put forward as many suggestions as they wish, with winners announced each month. 

Employees can be rewarded even if their idea is not implemented. More than 100 ideas have been accepted and implemented to date.

Beth Jones, internal communications manager at Talarius, said: “We are really pleased with how the system works and it’s very easy for all our colleagues to use.

“Employees can access this from their home or via our intranet making it accessible 24/7.

“We hold a national conference once a year and have now incorporated a ‘call the slots: best idea’ award into the evening awards ceremony, which shows just how much this scheme means to both the organisation and our employees.”