Employer recruits tweeting chicken

Something for the weekend…


What kind of benefits should an employer offer to poultry employees? This is a question that Employee Benefits never imagined it would be asking, but it is in fact one that Australian fast food chain Chicken Treat may have to consider.

The firm has taken on a new member of staff, Betty the tweeting chicken. Betty will be in charge of Chicken Treat’s social media feed until she manages to tweet a five-letter word.

This could be a tall task for the feathery recruit as most of her tweets are thus far unintelligible, for example: “QQ 0U8 BCUIJCN3WQBVHCXQQWRSqwxq xcghxg q #chickentweet.”

However, if she succeeds, she may gain entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, which is a pretty impressive form of reward and recognition for any employee. A video of the ‘training’ she has received to help her achieve this goal has also been released by the food chain.

Not everyone is a fan of the PR stunt though, with some suggesting that hiring a chicken is in bad taste for a business that serves them up as food. Others, such as animal rights organisation Peta, have pointed to the poor conditions in which many chickens are bred and kept.

Chicken Treat has responded by tweeting: ”We are happy to assure everyone that Betty is well looked after and is very happy at her home at Chicken Tweet HQ.”

At Employee Benefits we are wondering what kind of motivational benefits would best suit poultry, or whether the chance to avoid ending up on a plate is enough to keep Betty from tweeting that elusive five-letter word…