Motivational slap in the face

Something for the weekend…

After a difficult day’s work, most employees will have fantasised about the choice words they might use when giving their boss what for, but few would imagine a part of their job being to actually slap them in the face.

However, a US computer programmer has hired an employee to watch over and motivate him to get on with his work. He has empowered her to yell or even slap him should his focus wander from the job at hand.

After figuring out that he was wasting 19 hours every week looking at Facebook, Maneesh Sethi placed an ad on Craigslist for an employee willing to monitor him at work.

The benefits package offered to the successful candidate, Kara, alongside the chance to slap her boss, included being able to continue to do her own work while monitoring Sethi and a salary of £5 per hour.

According to Sethi’s blog, his productivity levels have quadrupled while being monitored.