Fancy a job as a human scarecrow?

Something for the weekend…

It would take a great employment package to tempt most workers to sit in a cold field chasing away birds, but Jamie Fox seems happy with a modest salary and a good book.

Fox, a 22-year-old music and English graduate from Bangor University, has taken on the role of human scarecrow for a farmer in Aylsham, Norfolk. His new position calls for him to play his ukelele, accordian and cowbell to frighten away partridges on the oilseed rape field.

In return Fox is paid £250 per week and enjoys the perk of being able to relax and read for a good portion of the day. He told the BBC: “I get to sit and read a lot of the time, but whenever I see the partridges, I have to get up and scare them off.”

He added that some friends who work in busier, better paid jobs are envious of his more laid-back working arrangements.