What’s in a job title?

Something for the weekend…

What a load of jobbledygook! Talent delivery specialists, sorry, recruitment staff, are revamping job titles to make them sound more attractive.

In today’s job market, a number of positions have flash names. 

Research by recruitment website Myjobmatcher.com found a number of ridiculously sounding names for jobs.

The wackiest job title was a five-a-day collection operative, which really meant the applicant was looking for a job as a fruit picker.

How about being an education centre nourishment consultant or, simply put, a dinner lady? The list goes on.

The top 10 odd job titles are:

  1. Five-a-day collection operative – fruit picker.
  2. Media distribution officer – paper boy.
  3. Guest services agent – receptionist.
  4. Highway environmental hygienist – road sweeper.
  5. Transparency enhancement facilitator – window cleaner.
  6. Talent delivery specialist – recruiter.
  7. Brand champion – sales assistant.
  8. Sanitation engineer – bin man.
  9. Education centre nourishment consultant – dinner lady.
  10. Public waste rechnician – toilet cleaner.