EXCLUSIVE: BT rolls out share plan portal internationally

BT is to roll out its employee share plans portal internationally to around 86 countries to further reinforce its corporate identity.

Next year, the firm, which launched the online portal in May 2011 for 75,000 UK staff, will roll it out globally to countries including the US, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. BT employs more than 92,000 staff across the world.

Francis O’Mahony, head of employee share plans and share registration at BT, said: “Some of our overseas employees have come into BT through acquisition, so being offered participation in BT share plans gives them that corporate glue. It raises the profile and identity of BT, which they may not necessarily think of first of all as their employer because they were employed by another organisation acquired by BT.”

Through the portal, employees can view their shareholdings, access information about the firm’s sharesave scheme, share incentive plan (Sip) and free shares, and buy and sell shares online. Updates are provided on BT’s share price and account valuations, and staff can model their savings and sales options.

Employees do not need a password when signing on to access the portal if they have already logged on to BT’s secure intranet site. The portal is provided by Equiniti, which also worked with Avanade to develop the software.

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