J Sainsbury issues all staff with total reward statements

J Sainsbury has sent total reward statements to all its staff to highlight the benefits they are entitled to.

In the past, total reward statements were only distributed to the store’s 1,246 senior management staff but in October, it sent the statements out to all 150,000 employees.

The paper-based statements contain details of employees’ benefits packages including pay, bonuses, entitlement to staff discounts and overtime worked, as well as training and development opportunities. The launch of the initiative coincided with increases in the statutory minimum wage for staff.

Michelle Burton, head of reward and people systems, said one of the aims of introducing the statements was to emphasise employees’ in-store discount entitlement, which will be increased from 10% to 15% over the Christmas period.

Burton said: “We need to ensure that every part of our benefits package is engaging and get people behind [it]. In every part of our offer, we try to engage our colleagues with our brand. One of the objectives of the total reward statements initiative is to highlight to our employees the amount of colleague discount they have used.” Nicola Sullivan