Benefits suitable for the Starship Enterprise


Something for the weekend… 

If you have ever longed to work on Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise then look no further as online game developer NetDragon Websoft has built its headquarters in China in the shape of the legendary spaceship.

The six-story building in the country’s south-east Fujian province is about 850 feet long and 300 feet wide. The organisation reportedly spent nearly $100 million to build it.

But the firm could go “boldy go where no man has gone before” and offer employees on board some Trek-worthy employee benefits.

As a start, medical insurances might be offered to help combat potential whiplash sustained while travelling at warpspeed.

Further health and wellbeing benefits such as access to gym membership could also be offered to help employees “live long and prosper”.

With these in place, the firm will surely have found a way to put the enterprise light years ahead.