EXCLUSIVE: AYMTM introduces summer boot camp and relaunches bikes-for-work scheme

Motivation firm AYMTM has introduced a summer boot camp, a monthly social gathering, and re-launched its bikes-for-work scheme to reinforce its health and wellbeing commitment to staff.

The bikes-for-work scheme, provided by P&MM Employee Benefits, has been in place for four years. The re-launch incorporates the option for staff to participate in the London to Brighton bike ride in September, with AYMTM making a set donation of £500 to the British Heart Foundation.

Natalie Gunson, managing director of AYMTM, said: “We have also formed a cycling club, who not only ride together at lunchtime and after work, but will also be training as a team to take on the London to Brighton bike ride.

“It is not only a health and fitness initiative, it is also motivational. We are practising what we preach. It is helping with team spirit while raising money for the British Heart Foundation.”

The weekly boot camp, called Fit for Summer, will give staff the option to participate in a fitness session with a professional trainer every Wednesday after work. All 32 employees signed up for the first session, which was held on 25 April.

The Friday social gathering allows staff to finish work 30 minutes early on the last Friday of every month to socialise together, and enjoy drinks and snacks subsidised by the organisation.

Other health and wellbeing initiatives include: a winter health pack, which included tissues, anti-bacterial hand gel, vitamin C and an orange for all staff in January to prevent illness; an Easter egg hunt for all staff on the Thursday before Good Friday; free daily fruit bowls; a subsidised tuck shop with healthy snack options; and corporate gym membership.

“We are 32 employees, so if one or two people here are poorly, it has a huge impact on everybody,” said Gunson. “We looked at how we could add value and give staff something back on top of what we already offered.”

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