Benefits Book 2009: Editor’s Comment

Welcome to our 8th annual directory of benefits and reward service suppliers. The Benefits Book is the directory for the industry detailing the leading consultants, advisers and product providers in our market.

This year The Benefits Book carries our bi-annual Employee Benefits Research among UK-based employers on the how, why and what of their benefits packages. Employee Benefits magazine has conducted research into this broad topic every two years since 1998, which provides our readers with a wellcontextualised framework within which to judge current reward trends.

Our deputy editor, Debbie Lovewell, conducted and analysed this year’s research. Debbie has over six years experience of writing on reward and is highly regarded for her expertise, so has been able to give valued insight and commentary on the survey findings.

Naturally, the recession has had an impact on how benefits strategies are being viewed in 2009. The Employee Benefits Research 2009 finds that rather than having a negative impact, as some may expect, it has instead spurred employers on to good practice. Respondents are striving hard to prove the value of their benefits package, ensuring it provides value for money, reflects the employer brand and helps to recruit and retain staff.

One of the most striking results was the statistic that 79% of this year’s sample said their benefits package provided value for money. Just five years ago, in our 2004 research, only 29% of respondents could say the same thing. This shows the increasing professionalism of the people working in this sector (practitioners and advisers alike) and how benefits truly support business practice.

Debi O’Donovan, editor, Employee Benefits magazine

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