The employee benefits offered by McDonald’s Restaurants

McDonald’s Restaurants offers the following benefits to its employees.



Defined contribution scheme for all salaried employees. Staff can contribute a minimum of 3% and receive matching employer contributions on a 1:1, 1.5:1 or 2:1 ratio depending on age and length of service, to a maximum employer contribution of 10%. Salaried employees who do not wish to contribute 3% will receive the minimum contribution levels set under auto-enrolment.

The National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) for all auto-enrolled hourly paid employees, with contributions set at the minimum level required under auto-enrolment.

Healthcare and wellbeing:

Private medical insurance for all hourly paid employees after three years’ service and salaried staff after six months’ service
Dental car
Eyecare vouchers
Dedicated wellbeing section on employee portal,

Group risk:

Income protection (for salaried members of the pension scheme, excluding those auto-enrolled)
Personal accident insurance.
Life assurance

Staff travel:

Company cars: available for restaurant managers and staff of equivalent grades, as well as employees in senior positions

Family-friendly benefits:

Enhanced maternity and paternity policies for salaried employees
Childcare vouchers via salary sacrifice arrangement
Flexible-working patterns
Job sharing
Paid eight-week sabbatical after 10 years’ service for salaried employees

Recognition schemes:

Employee of the month for each restaurant
Employee of the quarter for each restaurant
Employee of the year (national winner)
Ray Kroc award for the best restaurant managers
Holiday award for non-restaurant staff
President’s award for non-restaurant staff
Service awards for all employees at five-year intervals from five to 30 years of service
Restaurant of the year
Consultant of the year

Incentive pay/performance-related pay:

Three bonus schemes:
A monthly scheme for hourly paid employees
A quarterly scheme for the restaurant management teams
An annual scheme for office support departments.


28 days including public holidays for hourly paid employees
30 days including public holidays for salaried employees


All employees receive free meals while at work
Employee discounts scheme
Interest-free emergency loans for salaried employees