EXCLUSIVE: Bwin.Party rolls out global benefits programme

Online gaming company Bwin.Party has launched a global benefits programme to harmonise its perks as it makes new acquisitions.

The firm has 2,700 staff spread across three continents. Its Just.Rewards programme, provided by Thomsons Online Benefits, will be launched in Bulgaria and India on 1 July, then in Austria, Israel, Italy and Sweden by the end of 2012. It was first rolled out in the UK and Gibraltar on 1 April.

Phil Hutchinson, reward consultant at Bwin.Party, said: “We wanted the ability to integrate staff from any organisations we acquire. The company is growing quickly, so it makes sense to have this infrastructure in place. When you look at harmonising similar roles, we make sure everybody, no matter where they are, gets the same total reward.

“Each country will have its own different theme, but we are moving towards more of a global benefits strategy.”

The global total reward programme incorporates an online reward platform, total reward statements (TRS) and a range of benefits based on each country’s legacy arrangements. “In each country, the look and feel of the site and the basic structure is the same, but on the TRS in India, for instance, there will be food vouchers, or in Austria there will be transport vouchers,” says Hutchinson.

For example, in India, private medical insurance (PMI) allows staff to add children, spouse, parents and in-laws, and the schemes have two levels, one for senior managers and one for other staff. “Those in the lower level can use their fund to trade up to the higher level,” says Hutchinson.

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