Case Study: Leaseplan

Being an employee benefits provider means vehicle management company LeasePlan UK is very conscious of the service it receives on its own benefits package.

Sarah Mengham, HR service development manager, says: “Service is important. We are shielded from poor service to some extent as our employee benefits consultants, Lorica, look after a lot of the administration, but we have noticed improvements in the service we receive from the group risk insurers over the past couple of years.”

As part of its employee benefits package, the firm provides all of its 545 employees with life cover and gives income protection to senior staff and those who have it as a protected benefit on a previous contract.

“I have seen significant improvements on the underwriting side,” says Mengham. “A few years ago, when we switched providers, it was very frustrating. We were halfway through the underwriting process with the previous insurer but, because we were not able to transfer the data provided for underwriting purposes to the new insurer, we had to start all over again. Thankfully, once-and-done has made significant improvements to the underwriting process.”

Another area to see improvements is accounting. “We used to have issues trying to reconcile monthly premiums against direct debits, but this has stopped happening,” says Mengham.

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