DOD’s blog: my week in benefits

Debi O’Donovan’s musings on the key events of 6-17 January 2013

This week has seen a raft of government announcements affecting benefits and pay, as well as guidance from the likes of the Financial Services Authority and Office of Fair Trading.There are more such tomes in the pipeline (oh joy!) affecting everything from pensions, share schemes and incentives to the long-term ill.

So where does a busy benefits person start?

The biggie was the one on the new flat-rate state pension. The devil will be in the detail and there will be plenty of headlines about the losers under this new deal. However, I believe that the flat-rate state pension is a good thing and it now makes sense for everyone who can save for a pension to do so.

Read: New flat-rate state pension is announced (and we have handily linked to the full pdf of the report if you are really keen to see the full details).


Debi O’Donovan, Editor, Employee Benefits
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