BMW to return to discussions with trade union about pension scheme

BMW has agreed with trade union Unite to return to discussions on plans to close its final salary pension scheme to new entrants and the use of Swedish derogation in the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR).

Following discussions between the car manufacturer and Unite on 12 January, BMW agreed to enter into a meaningful dialogue about the pension scheme. This comes after the threat of strikes in December that would have potentially affected 7,000 workers at four plants in the UK.

It has also agreed to return to discussions around its plan to use Swedish derogation in the AWR, which means where workers are employed by recruitment agencies on permanent contracts, they may be excluded from receiving the same pay as permanent staff.

A spokesperson from BMW said: “We agreed to go back into discussions with the union on the pensions scheme and the AWR.

“Those plans are both on hold while we are in discussions with the union.”

Roger Maddison, national officer at Unite, said: “As always, we are prepared to have meaningful discussions with organisations in the car industry.

“Unite is determined to protect all the terms and conditions of our members and ensure that agency workers are treated fairly, in the true spirit of the agency workers’ legislation.”

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