Adecco consolidates benefits package after merger

Adecco is in the process of consolidating its benefits package for all employees after merging its back office departments in March last year.

The recruitment firm, which operates brands such as Computer People and Office Angels, previously offered separate flexible benefits schemes to Adecco employees and those who worked for Ajilon, the collective name for other brands owned by parent company Adecco.

Julie Bowen, head of organisational development, said that the Ajilon brand name will no longer be used, as staff will receive one set of perks under Adecco branding. “Although brands such as Office Angels operate independently from Adecco, from a corporate point of view, we are one organisation, so we are harmonising the benefits portfolio.

“Many of the providers of benefits within [the] flex schemes are different, and decisions are soon to be made about which providers will stay and which will go. It will go to whoever provides the best service and gives us the best rate,” she said.

The company is also evaluating its pension schemes, as well as its healthcare perks and group life benefits.

Bowen added that the company will have to harmonise certain rules for the flex scheme such as those around the eligibility of staff. The start of its flex year will also move from January to April in order to bring it into line with the company’s financial year.

In the interim period, the company will extend some perks such as healthcare to cover staff at no extra cost to them. Those which are offered for a set annual period, such as retail vouchers, ended in December.

Adecco has already begun to communicate the changes to staff. It aims to complete the consolidation by March 2007.