Tesco employee values share plans

Paul Eaton is an in-store pharmacist. He joined Tesco six years ago, initially on a part-time basis while at university before taking on a full-time role two years ago.He particularly values Tesco’s all-employee share plans, and has taken advantage of its save-as-you-earn (Sharesave) scheme, the last one of which matured last March. "It was very useful as it enabled me to buy furniture for my house as I’d just moved." He adds that staff typically appreciate the scheme, because even if the company’s share price falls, they will not lose the money they have invested in the plan.

Eaton also appreciates the free shares employees are awarded through the company’s Shares in Success scheme. "As far as I’ve seen it, it’s money for nothing," he says. All employees also receive a 10% discount on their shopping at Tesco, which Eaton values. "It is very useful as it takes the edge off of weekly bills." Looking to the future, he is currently considering joining Tesco’s pension scheme.