Cancer Research UK outsources company cars

Cancer Research UK-2015Charity Cancer Research UK has outsourced its company cars to control costs, introduce fleet best practice and reduce administration.

The organisation has outsourced the management of its 180 cars to provider Fleet Hire in order to run its scheme more efficiently.

The charity operates a contract hire scheme, with a single badge policy with Peugeot for its car fleet. It also has a further 60 cash allowance drivers.

Cancer Research UK is also currently involved in a driver development programme, with an online risk assessment followed by 10 training modules for all drivers to ensure that it meets all of its duty-of-care responsibilities.

Roger Wright, central operations manager for trading at Cancer Research UK, said: “Key issues have typically been around [things] such as mobile phones, for example, and we now have a robust mobile phone policy in place.

“Our fleet is [now] run much more efficiently.”