Debra Corey: Global mobility strategy is vital

Evolving a global mobility approach means staff can be effective in a new location from the word go.

Debra Corey 100 Club

Our strategy has grown organically, and the team and I will develop our talent as we diversify into new disciplines in new office locations.

To expand internationally successfully, organisations must strive to introduce or develop their global mobility schemes. They must ensure these policies are competitive and comprehensive, that they meet the needs of their business, and that they align with the organisation’s values and culture. 

Effective communication is also vital. We have communicated our evolving global mobility policy to key business leaders, ensuring they understand what and why the policy was developed and their important role in supporting the policy, the processes and, ultimately, their talent.

We have also used benefits providers that match the needs of the business from both a geographic and company culture perspective. We work with these providers to implement our ideas into the business, ensuring they understand that the uniqueness and requirements of the organisation are integral.

Detailed processes to ensure each step and responsibility of the global mobility process is well thought-out and documented can also be a game-changer in the global mobility sector. This has been key to our successful mobility management, as everyone knows what to do and when, which minimises mistakes and misunderstandings.

All global mobility preparation and processes should, ideally, be in partnership and collaboration with the business, giving people the opportunity to voice their opinion and share their experiences. 

The changes my team and I have made have been seen as a great business initiative and not an HR initiative, which is what has ensured our strategy’s success. 

Debra Corey is global rewards director at PageGroup