Teach First to introduce online reward statements and pension salary sacrifice

Teach First plans to introduce online total reward statements, access to an employee discounts website, and is adding a salary sacrifice arrangement to its trust-based defined contribution (DC) pension scheme.

The charity will also be consulting with its 180 staff, via surveys and focus groups, to determine what type of flexible benefits they are interested in, with an aim to roll out flex in October.

Will Davies, HR director at Teach First, said: “Part of our culture at Teach First is very much collaboration. I didn’t want to launch a flex scheme without giving employees the opportunity to contribute to what it would look like.”

The YouFlex scheme will be provided by Enrich Employee Benefits. The charity already has a variety of standalone benefits in place including its DC pension scheme, private medical insurance, income protection, and a subsidised dental scheme.

Davies added: “I am keen to make sure employees feel ownership of their total reward package, that they understand how it is made up and get an opportunity to flex it. Being a fairly young population, I am sure there are a lot of different things we can bring in, such as subsidised gym membership, a Taste London card and financial education.”

The main reason to roll out the new benefits offering now is that Teach First has been steadily growing over the past couple of years.

“Next year we expect to have another 30% of employees,” said Davies. “Two years ago we had about 110 employees so this is the right time in our organisational development to move into a slightly more sophisticated benefits system.”

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