Discounted access to thousands of gyms and pools with just one pass, providing employees with a truly inclusive fitness benefit.

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Hussle was launched in 2011 and we collaborate with thousands of fitness venues across the UK to provide simple, flexible access to gyms, pools and spas.

Our collaborations with companies like AXA Health, BUPA, The AA, O2, Tesco and Barclays have enabled us to help more people get more active.

Hussle is now available as a flexible, modern corporate fitness benefit which is perfect for the changing needs of the workforce today.

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Contact us to find out how you can provide your employees with discounted, unlimited access to thousands of fitness venues across the UK with one simple pass.


We provide a discounted, flexible, no-contract monthly pass that gives employees unlimited access to thousands of gyms, pools and spa facilities across the UK.

Our network enables us to provide a modern and truly inclusive corporate fitness benefit which solves a number of challenges.

  1. The geographic reach of our network means your employees will be able to exercise near the office, near home and when they are on the move rather than being reliant on a single location.
  2. The wide variety of facilities available helps keep your employees motivated and enables people to mix up their workout routines.
  3. Diverse price points which makes the service equally appealing to entry-level staff as well as the C-suite.

Hussle is a modern corporate fitness solution, perfect for the changing needs of the workforce today.

“For several decades, we’ve been at the forefront of hybrid working, helping people to live and work flexibly around their own schedules.  I’m pleased our new partnership with Hussle will provide a helping hand for them to stay fit and healthy.”  IWG CEO, Mark Dixon