HR Heroes – How MNF Group engages a growing global workforce

If you’ve spent any time social distancing in the last few months, it’s likely you’ve been using technology a lot more to stay connected. Whether it’s more phone calls, text messages, using Uber Eats to get dinner delivered to your door, collaborating via video-conferencing, or live-streaming the latest government update, our reliance on telecommunications has grown exponentially through the year.

To make sure all these services run smoothly, it certainly helps to have the tools and strategies in place so that people and products run like clockwork. This means cultivating connection, productivity and culture across all teams, regardless of where and when they’re working.

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Last month, we had Emma Trehy, People Experience Manager from MNF Group, share how the company has addressed some of the challenges facing its globally dispersed employees, alongside its temporarily remote workforce. MNF Group is a rapidly growing telecommunications software company, with over 400 global employees. Its network and technology power communication via the apps and services many use every day for voice, video or messaging such as Zoom and Skype.

Click here to learn what it takes to engage and support employees in the tech industry, many of whom are facing a lot of pressure and change at this time.