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Henley Reward Consulting is a specialist provider of research led remuneration benchmarking, reward insights and D&I evaluations for Executive and organisational wide functions, to support the development of robust people strategies.

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About Us 

At Henley Reward Consulting we have extensive experience of supporting clients in the development of competitive, fair and appropriate remuneration & D&I strategies through the provision of independent, quality based quantitative and qualitative data.

Operating across any sector, in the UK&I as well as internationally, we provide much more than data. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our clients to fully understand the structure and remit of the organisation, as well as its future vision around its talent pool. This ensures we are benchmarking in the right places, providing information that is fit for purpose now and in the next 12+ months.

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We also look to ensure the remuneration outcomes are clearly defined so that you can fully understand the differences and the context between the quartile outcomes (Lower, Median and Upper). This enables you to make decisions confidently, by accurately assessing how roles, structure and accountabilities compare, to make sound recommendations for the future.

Provider of Real Time Data & Insights

We understand the importance of real time data and how data can support an organisation through its journey. HRC has been set up to support our clients in making informed decisions around remuneration, reward and D&I policies. This is not generic salary data which can often be frustrating given the findings may not be relevant for your business based on numerous factors (size, scale, location, job size etc.). Plus, wider information around Executive remuneration, variable pay structures and additional benefits tend to be only based on publicly available information, or the information held on a database which again may not be directly comparable.

At HRC we are able to provide real time data and insights (qualitative and quantitative), gathered from direct peers and core comparators, gaining a true understanding of what they are doing around structuring pay and benefits, as well as D&I Frameworks and other core people strategies. This information is then analysed and put it into context against your own structure making the information meaningful and tangible to understand where your own strategies sit against the market, identifying areas of risk and priority.

This is what makes us different!

To find out more please visit our website: www.henleyrewardconsulting.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/henley-reward-consulting

Service Offering

  • Pay & Review Benchmarking 

Our service offering is tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients, providing the ability to look across the total remuneration piece, or indeed concentrate on those areas that require the most focus. Our service includes:

  • External Salary Benchmarking Reviews: This can look across basic and variable pay for multiple of singular roles, identifying how they are structured and operate. In addition, we can take into consideration pension contributions, other allowances, annual leave and any other reward component that can add value to an overarching package.
  • External Executive & Board Remuneration Benchmarking: as above, spanning across all C-Suite and Non-Executive Director remuneration structures. Data around LTIP structures, shareholdings and equity can all form part of the total remuneration review, or indeed be evaluated in isolation.
  • Benefit Reviews: An external benchmark of wider benefits can be conducted, covering aspects such as family policies, retirement benefits, working hours, flexible benefits, flexible working policies, additional allowances, sick pay, health & wellbeing etc.

Other aspects of the service: Market pay award intelligence, career development evaluations and pay structure analysis.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

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Having a diverse and inclusive workforce can, amongst many other things: Foster innovation, drive better decision making, improve customer orientation and support greater employee satisfaction and engagement. All these elements create a happier, more innovative and engaging working environment to support organisational development, growth and change.

Being able to analyse accurate internal people data is critical for organisations to understand their starting point in developing any framework, but what about understanding the external environment? Understanding best practice and innovation amongst your peers, sector and other relevant industries, can all help build a stronger foundation for your framework.

Our D&I Service Offering

At Henley Reward Consulting we can provide both sets of internal and external data insights:

D&I External Benchmarking Studies: An external benchmarking review of D&I best practice, evaluating initiatives, policies and reporting data from the most relevant comparators to help support the development of future frameworks and strategies.

D&I Internal Evaluations: Building a true understanding of your employee base to help identify areas of risk, innovation and priority. Internal reviews are conducted through:

– Equal Pay Audits across all ‘protected characteristics’.

– Pay Fairness and Reporting: Gender/Ethnicity/Disability Pay Gap evaluations, as well as CEO pay reporting.

Louise Haines, Managing Director

Louise Haines is Managing Director of Henley Reward Consulting and has an extensive background in business research and reward consulting across multiple sectors. CIPD Qualified in Reward Management, Louise has advised and supported Clients in developing competitive, fair and appropriate remuneration strategies through the provision of independent and real time quantitative and qualitative data.

Having built her career in Executive Research, Louise went on to develop a tailored client-led salary benchmarking and market intelligence service within Hays Specialist Recruitment, as well as developing the capability to delivery job evaluations, equal pay audits and pay structure advice.

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LinkedIn Profile: (1) Louise Haines | LinkedIn

Research Capability

With our sister company Henley Research International, we house one of the UK’s largest dedicated research teams that have completed over 5,000 research projects in the UK and internationally. This capability allows us to source the most comprehensive real-time intelligence around remuneration structures and D&I strategies across any sector. In addition, our approach can take into consideration wider factors such as company size, scale, structure, location, sector, and role size, which can all make a difference in setting appropriate levels of pay.




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“I worked with Louise on a number of pay and reward initiatives across three organisations. She provided detailed benchmarking analysis and recommendations for a research and grant giving foundation, a regulator set up to manage MP’s pay and expenses and a charity working with blood cancer patients. She worked with me on the staff team roles as well as senior pay, looking across salary and benefits to give real depth to her work.

Louise has fantastic knowledge of her subject area, has great instincts about job sizing and works incredibly well with the client to really get under the skin of each role. She provided detailed reports for each role, backed with evidence from market research and was always available to discuss in more depth where there were questions. Her approach is thorough, detailed and insightful.

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I would happily recommend her work and look forward to working with her in the future.”

HR Consultant

“The research you produce is of an unbelievable standard!”

Independent Reward Advisor