Hechizoo allows employees to live in its factory after reopening

Colombian factory opens bedrooms for employees to live in after reopening
Image credit: Reuters

Something for the weekend: Colombian factory Hechizoo has invited its employees to live on the premises once it reopens its doors following the country-wide lockdown.

The organisation has created beds, sinks and bathrooms for its employees to live comfortably in a bid to reduce the risk of them catching Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Additional benefits of moving in and living with fellow roomie and founder of Hechizoo, Jorge Lizarazo, include employees being able to enjoy reading a wide selection of books and joining the rest of the team for a daily sit-down meal.

Since announcing this unique benefit to the workforce, 20 employees have already moved into the renovated facilities. The renovated office was so appealing that five dogs were interested in moving in, and are now fully integrated with the team.

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Jorge Lizarazo, founder at Hechizoo, said: “Before it was an intention, now it’s a reality. I am grateful for this team and [how] they allowed us to keep Hechizoo [operational].”

Here at Employee Benefits, it’s nice to see the team getting comfortable at work, we just hope that the dogs are helping out with the dishes after dinner.