Which employee wellbeing pillar are you missing out on?

By Lucy Tallick, Head of Wellbeing 

If you were sitting on a stool, and I was to pluck a leg off it, what would happen?

Silly Lucy, you’re thinking. I’d fall over.

Of course you would, because the stool isn’t as effective without all its legs. Well, I’ve found that employee wellbeing initiatives work much in the same way: focusing on just one or two legs will cause your programme to topple.

To be successful, you need to broaden your focus to the entire stool to keep it upright and have it fulfill its original purpose.

To keep your own employee wellbeing programme “upright,” we focus on three wellbeing pillars at Reward Gateway: Financial, physical and mental.

Luckily, building your stool (programme) doesn’t have to be so difficult.

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