Employee Recognition for the Modern Workforce: e-Book and Grant Thornton case study

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the rise of millennials and how they are impacting the workforce. The rapid growth in technology has led to a generation gap between older workers and millennials; each with distinct attitudes, behaviours and characteristics. The complexity in managing and rewarding such a diverse group of employees presents a number of challenges.

To help you navigate through these issues, Xexec have published a  eBook – Employee Recognition for the Modern Workforce. The guide sets out some key principles and learnings for organisations which are faced with the challenges of motivating, recognising, and rewarding their employees. How, for example, do priorities differ amongst generations and how should that impact employee recognition strategies? The guide also includes a fascinating case study from Grant Thornton providing insight into the development of their highly acclaimed ‘Three Cheers’ employee recognition programme.

Simply download the free eBook and case study to find out more about:

  • Some surprising stats on Millennials
  • Why the older generation of workers must never be forgotten
  • How recognition can be used to address challenges within the modern workforce
  • Where employee recognition fits into an organisation’s age strategy
  • 3 questions to ask when considering implementing recognition technology
  • PLUS an exclusive feature from Grant Thornton detailing key lessons learned during the process of developing an launching a recognition programme.