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As a UK employee benefits provider, DocHQ integrates advanced technology with comprehensive health and wellbeing solutions. From employee health and wellness programs to physical wellness in the workplace and at home, DocHQ combines medical expertise and technology to deliver a range of employee benefits – from AI-powered physiotherapy and fitness, to end-to-end health testing services. As a Health Tech company, DocHQ harnesses the transformative power of AI technology in healthcare to improve choices for employers and employees alike. If you would like help in efficiently connecting health support and advice whether at home, work or travelling, get in touch to see how our people centred, high-quality, integrated healthcare network can give you access to personalised medical answers and solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.

DocHQ Physio 

Remote physiotherapy powered by advanced AI tech. Support your employees when they are in discomfort or pain with instant access to our team of Chartered Physiotherapists, to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

DocHQ Health Checks

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Bypass lengthy NHS waitlists with convenient health testing solutions for home and office. We offer bespoke employee care programs with certified laboratory testing and GP-verified reports and advice. Our timely at-home health tests cover all aspects of wellbeing, from general health to specific areas such as diabetes and women’s health.

DocHQ Fitness

Engage and retain a fit and healthy workforce. Our remote fitness service enhances employee physical and mental wellbeing; we offer personalised fitness plans with AI real-time feedback to improve health and prevent injury. Encourage company culture with creative challenges and improve inclusion for remote workers.

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