Thinking of expanding overseas?

Whether you’re a small company or an established larger employer, expanding overseas into emerging markets can be an extremely attractive prospect for growing your business. However, with this comes a duty-of-care requirement to any staff based overseas.

International private medical insurance (IPMI) can be a complex business, especially when you need to find cover that complies with all the local legislations and regulations of a chosen country. For example, did you know that new laws in Dubai will put the burden of providing healthcare cover firmly on your shoulders?

So how do you ensure the wellbeing of your international employees when the legislation is as foreign to you as the language spoken there? You need someone who not only speaks the language, but knows the rules and practices inside out.

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Jelf Employee Benefits has developed a range of country guides that offer impartial guidance on the key considerations you should have for employee populations based in these countries, or if you are contemplating operating there in the near future. The range of guides includes:

  • Dubai
  • Nigeria
  • Qatar
  • Sierra Leone
  • Singapore

Download the country guides and white papers. Find out more >