The ageing workforce: a cost explosion?

The likely impacts of an ageing population have been under discussion in the UK for a number of years. However, while it has always been recognised that this will affect many employers in some way, what has been less clear is the potential extent of the cost impacts of an ageing workforce.

When it comes to the specifics of health-related employee benefit provision, there has at times been an understandable temptation to see the changes most employers made in the wake of removal of the default retirement age and the exemption the healthcare and risk industry secured in 2011, as the end of the story. However, the reality is that it is probably just the beginning. 

In this Insight Bulletin, Buck Consultants explores how many employers providing such health-related employee benefits are now revisiting their approach in order to ensure future proofing from a legislative perspective where possible, and also to keep some sort of control on the overall costs emanating from an ageing workforce.

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