We help leading organisations attract, protect and retain valuable talent by delivering proactive and ongoing support for unexpected and life-changing health events.

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We offer a multi-dimensional, inclusive and hyperpersonal employee benefits scheme that enables organisations to transform the way they care for their people. We partner with some of the most prominent organisations and healthcare providers in the country — with over 880,000 employees having access to our support.

We combine our extensive healthcare expertise with a deep understanding of the realities of life-changing illnesses and events. Our team will provide the knowledge and resources your HR team and line managers need to handle sensitive situations with confidence – empowering them to give the right support at the right time.

Our services can easily wrap around your existing employee benefits package to give you real peace of mind. We ensure your employee’s access and utilise the resources they have available — both at work and in their personal lives — by coordinating and connecting them to existing benefits and workplace policies


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Our solutions or programmes

Critical Support Programme: Comprehensive support for people with an ongoing and significant health condition such as cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, stress and anxiety or cardiovascular disease.

Urgent Support Programme: A short-term service for people facing a severe and sudden illness, planned medical procedure, accident, or any kind of health emergency.

COVID-19 Support Programme: A unique service for people whose wellness has been affected by coronavirus.

Carer Support Programme: A programme to support and help build the resilience of people who find themselves holding significant responsibility for the care of another.