Matt Waller: Integrated software simplifies auto-enrolment

A purpose-built, fully-integrated software system will guide employers and employees through the intricacies of auto-enrolment.


  • Enroller is Benefex’s purpose-built, fully-mobile software that simplifies auto-enrolment for employers and their employees.
  • Benefex offers a compliance guarantee to help employers meet their regulatory obligations.
  • Enroller links into RewardHub, Benefex’s reward and benefits software.

Auto-enrolment is a potentially hazardous minefield for the uninitiated employer, because of the complex requirements involved in complying with the pension reforms.

From identifying their pension scheme and payroll needs to communicating with their workforce, employers have their work cut out, which is why they need to choose their service providers with great care.

Benefex is perfectly placed to guide organisations through the auto-enrolment process and support them in reaching their staging date.

Enrolling employees and managing benefits for employers are the provider’s raison d’être. So although the pension reforms are causing a significant upheaval for the UK pensions industry, for Benefex it is business as usual.

From assessment and communication through to auto-enrolling employees and dealing with staff who choose to opt out of their pension scheme, Benefex can manage the entire process.

At the heart of the process is Enroller, purpose-built, mobile-ready software that simplifies auto-enrolment for employers and employees.

Enroller gives employers a single view of auto-enrolment from start to finish, with the ability to interrogate and report on any part of the process at any time. User-friendly reporting dashboards show exactly where an organisation is in its auto-enrolment process in real time.

Access to Enroller is available from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. This puts auto-enrolment access and communications into the palm of everyone’s hands in any organisation: perfect for those with offline employees.


As part of its service, Benefex can help employers with comprehensive communication strategies using its in-house team, to engage employees and ensure they fully understand what they are being offered.

The provider’s compliance guarantee ensures that employers meet their regulatory obligations. The guarantee covers not only implementation, but also communications and future system upgrades. Whatever changes or amendments an organisation may need, Benefex can adapt Enroller while keeping the business compliant.

Enroller is fully integrated with Benefex’s RewardHub system, which means the provider can support a complete reward and benefits strategy, including online and flexible benefits, hosted within the same single portal. The solution also fits with any existing payroll or pension system.

Employers can even outsource the management of employee queries to Benefex’s administration and helpdesk team. This is backed by service-level agreements.

Benefex can support employers at every stage of their auto-enrolment project and beyond, with experts to advise on exactly what to do, and how and when to do it, pre-staging date and beyond.

Benefex’s service proposition is built on a desire to remove the burden of managing auto-enrolment from employers, marrying technology with administration and helpdesk support to manage to make the process simple. Simplicity is key given the complexities of auto-enrolment, which is why employers should ensure they work with providers that have proven expertise.

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Matt Waller is chief executive officer at Benefex

This whitepaper has been written by Benefex