ALC Health offers access to network of healthcare professionals

International private medical and travel insurance provider ALC Health has partnered with global health and safety services company HTH Worldwide to offer its customers access to a network of contracted doctors and hospitals in more than 175 countries worldwide.

Available to employees through their employers’ private medical insurance, users will be able to go online via their mobile phones to search for, choose and map more than 5,400 contracted physicians, surgeons, dentists and mental health professionals. They can also search over 4,800 notable medical facilities, translate brand names of medications and key medical terms and phrases, and check up on the latest security information worldwide.

Andrew Apps, director of ALC, said: “ALC Health is delighted to be able to offer its members comprehensive health plans with access to the highest quality health services worldwide but with the added bonus of added services such as ALC World the very latest mobile and online tools to manage their health.

“Our customers will be able to use ALC World to quickly and efficiently search for a doctor, hospital or the very latest medical information in their locality wherever they are in the world. The service will be particularly useful not only when medical treatment is required in an emergency, but for finding the best medical care near to home and particularly for people who are in unfamiliar countries and in need of medical help.”

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