AA rebrands its flexible benefits scheme

The rebranding follows a year in which the AA imposed a pay freeze for managers and a salary increase, based on a 1% pay deal, for the rest of its staff. The flex plan, called Club FlexSa, is provided by Benefex and features three themes under which benefits are grouped: Indulge, Intentions and Endeavour.

Malcom Mitchell, reward and benefits manager at the AA, said: “For staff, it has been quite tight over the last 12 months. We are negotiating pay deals this year, but they are not likely to be huge and are likely to be negotiated over a period of time.

“We are in the third flex year where employees’ flex allocation has remained the same for the management population. A number of benefits have increased in price, such as private medical insurance, dental cover and critical illness.

“We have tried to rebrand FlexSa as more of a club. It is not part of the normal terms of employment, it is something an employee belongs to.”

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