BA set to change sick leave policy

British Airways has reportedly agreed to change its sick leave policy ahead of next week’s planned cabin crew strike action.

The Transport & General Workers (T&G)†union, however,†is not satisfied over a ‘minor’ change which has not been made in regards to the amount of time over which an employee’s absence record is assessed. As it currently stands, BA’s cabin crew sick leave is met with a face-to-face discussion and, beyond that, a potential four-stage absence review which has been described as heavy-handed.

Jack Dromey, deputy general secretary of the T&G, said: "BA has simply failed to respond to the gesture of goodwill of the calling-off of the first day of the three days of industrial action next week, a move designed to open up a pathway towards a settlement and a new relationship between BA and the cabin crew."

Willie Walsh, chief executive of BA, said: "We remain absolutely determined to search day and night for a negotiated settlement and our door remains open to the T&G, day or night."

British Airways has grounded 1,300 planes over two days when cabin crew strike next week over the airline’s sickness policy and two-tier pay policy.