VIDEO: Tim Wells: The traditional expat benefits package is dying out

The traditional employee benefits package for expatriates is dying out, according to Tim Wells (pictured), former group global mobility manager at Britvic Soft Drinks, in an interview with Debi O’Donovan, editor of Employee Benefits.

He added: “Employers are moving more towards giving their employees a locally-based compensation approach.”

Wells attributed the shift to a desire for lower costs and a more simplistic compliance workload for employers.

He also explained that there were generational trends that employers must be aware of. Wells said that employees from Generation Y (18-34 year olds) are much more open to international movement than previous generations.

He added: “Their drivers are really about career and personal development.”

Wells also said that Generation Y has grown up with technology, and that global mobility managers should take that into account by implementing packages and relocation budgets that can be accessed online.

He argued that this move will enable employees to tailor their benefits packages to meet employee needs.

Wells spoke at the Employee Benefits Summit in Alicante in Spain on 25 June.