Swindon Town Football Club fined for auto-enrolment non-compliance


The Pensions Regulator has fined Swindon Town Football Company (STFC) for not fulfilling its pensions auto-enrolment duties.

The football club’s fines totalled £22,900 for failing to place eligible employees into a pension scheme and for non-compliance with other workplace pension responsibilities.

STFC received a compliance notice in August 2014 directing it to enrol staff in a pension scheme and pay contributions, but it did not do so by the specified deadline in October 2014.

Following further compliance delays, TPR moved from remedial to enforcement action.

Charles Counsell, executive director of automatic enrolment at the Pensions Regulator, said: “This case illustrates what can happen when an employer buries their head in the sand and disregards their duties. If things aren’t going well, then talk to us; don’t ignore us.

“Failing to comply on time will not save you money. Not only do you risk a fine, you will also have to make back dated contributions.”

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In a statement, Swindon Town Football Company said: “The fine related to the period when the ownership of the club was being contested by the former chairman and is yet another painful example of the severe adverse consequences that the uncertainty and instability caused in regularising the business affairs of the club.

“The club is completely up to date and compliant with its pension obligations and contributions.”