How to engage your new employees when they work remotely from Day 1

By Laura O’Connell, Employee Engagement Specialist at Reward Gateway

Last month, I celebrated my one year work anniversary at Reward Gateway. It gave me a chance to look back at what was a 100% remote (and very unusual!) onboarding experience. On the days leading up to my first day I had the usual nerves that you would expect, with the added layer of starting a brand new role with a brand new team right in the middle of COVID-19 lockdown.

Looking back at how easy it was for me to feel equipped and welcomed into the business, I would say my remote onboarding experience was truly a success. I’ve appreciated being surrounded by an amazing supportive team and platforms that helped me bring my best to work. Given that I only met a lot of my team face-to-face after 10+ months with the business I have still managed to feel like one of the team.

My advice to any managers who might have or are planning to remotely onboard their new staff – don’t think of the remote nature of onboarding as a hurdle, be organised with tech and diaries so you don’t feel the need to jump on a video call every day – let them take the reins too!

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