Why Workie is so important…

We recently highlighted that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched a new advertising campaign to alert employers to pension Auto-Enrolment requirements.

The adverts feature a large friendly monster called Workie, and have been screened at peak times on national TV. For those that have missed the adverts – or just want to watch them again – please follow this link.

The reaction from the pensions industry and employer groups has not been universally positive however. Some have dubbed the campaign patronising, others a waste of money. Yet such critics are probably overlooking the need to deliver the Auto Enrolment compliance message to the thousands of smaller employers who remain in denial or oblivious to the new requirements.

It is a fact that the larger employers – who have greater financial and staffing resources than the smaller organisations now reaching their enrolment date – have often struggled to understand and comply with the new requirements. For evidence of same we need look no further that The Pension Regulator’s (TPR) quarterly compliance and enforcement bulletin issued at the end of October. The TPR website highlights that in the last quarter alone the regulator issued:

* 469 compliance notices

* 85 unpaid contributions notices

* 107 fixed penalty notices

* 2 escalating penalty notices

So with larger employers still struggling to comply, the DWP is right to use whatever methods are available to alert smaller companies to the legislation.

The message to employers is clear, please don’t ignore the Workie or the message he (or possibly she?) is seeking to deliver.

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